ZANOG PC Terms of Reference

Executive Summary

This document details the governance framework determining how the Program Committee for the South African Network Operators’ Group (referred to as “PC”) will be structured and regulated. It consists of a description of the relevant governance structure, the composition of PC members, their duties and bylaws. The outlining of the specific governance policies and procedures should help determine their effective ongoing operation.

Objective and Mandate

The objective and mandate of the PC is to: Provide input and guidance on future locations of ZANOG events; Develop the theme, context and topics of future ZANOG events; Develop the agenda of future ZANOG events; Secure speakers and panelists of future ZANOG events; Facilitate discussions as session moderators or chairs at future ZANOG events; May solicit feedback from previous ZANOG events to be considered in developing later agendas. Propose areas of improvement and complementing activities to enhance the ZANOG event


The structure of the ZANOG PC will consist of a Chairperson, vice-chair, PC Members and at least two support staff from the secretariat. It is expected that the PC will choose to limit the number of members to a size they believe is manageable; as such, there is no upper limit set in place for the number of PC members. The annual PC selection process will therefore determine the PC size, based on the new members chosen. This will provide an opportunity for efficient operation and the evolution of an organisation structured in the most suitable manner to meet the future demands of the Forum’s activity. The types of members will be:

Community Selected PC members Chairperson and Vice-Chair – Tasked with formal representational tasks, the chair and Vice-Chair do not have any voting privileges over the rest of the PC. PC Members – Please refer to the “PC Members Duties” section.

Support PC members

Secretariat Support staff – Will serve as the secretariat and liaison between the secretariat [1], and the PC.

(Optional) Local host Support staff – A rotational seat for a liaison from the local host to be appointed by the local host, and to serve for a term that ends with the conclusion of that forum. If the liaison nominated by the local host is already a PC member, the rotational seat becomes void. The appointment of this seat, should take place in parallel with the selection of new PC members or at a later date when the location of the next ZANOG is confirmed.

Other Details include:

A Chairperson to be appointed by the PC membership via a voting mechanism at initial establishment. The appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair will last for one year, the PC will appoint the following Chair and Vice-Chair after the selection of the new PC. Serving PC members are eligible to serve more than one term subject to the acceptance of their application for another term. The member in question will not be able to take part in the voting process, and neither will the PC Support Staff. Over 50% of the current PC membership is required to approve the appointment of all new PC members. The Chairperson of the PC will then communicate the appointment of the new member(s).

PC Members Duties

All PC membership has a relatively flat structure with all Members having equal status. A chairperson and Vice-Chair are elected to represent the group in formal settings, and either of them is required to open and conclude the PC meetings.

PC members must be willing to contribute to the discussions on the PC mailing list. PC members must also be willing to attend online-conference calls when needed. PC members are expected to allocate additional time prior to upcoming ZANOG events as means to finalise the agenda, and list speaker lists. Duties include: Advance ZANOG’s mission, vision and values Propose and review changes to long-term objectives and Forum’s mission, vision and values. Ensure continuity of the ZANOG event. Provide the ZANOG event with access to intellectual capital and best practices through individual relationships and leverage all stakeholder contacts. Develop thorough understanding of issues as well as strategic implications and resulting requirements. Provide feedback and recommendations on operations performance, where necessary. Provide feedback and fill-in self-assessment forms and other PC members’ assessment-forms. Evaluate assessment forms and select new members according to bylaws within this governance document. The PC is empowered to internally/privately address concerns on the code of conduct or conflict of interest of any PC member, and initiate remedial action guided by principles of upholding good governance. As a last resort, handle complaints that have been escalated to the PC.


A. Who can apply for Membership? Anyone interested in the peering and interconnection ecosystem and is willing to volunteer some time and expertise to the cause of ZANOG can apply. There are no restrictions on eligibility. However, preference will be given to applicants who have attended at least one ZANOG/iWeek technical meeting. A PC member will also serve according to what has been stated earlier in terms of duration of a term and number of terms.

B. Compensation Membership in the PC is on voluntary basis, and thus no financial compensation is incurred.

C. Term of Membership

The term of any PC member is three (3) years starting 1 January of any given year and ends on December 31 three (3) years later. Every year thereafter, PC members who have served the 3-year term limit,, will be replaced by new members chosen for the next PC. Members of the PC for any given term are announced online at