We are happy to announce the 4th KZNNOG (KwaZulu Natal Network Operators Group) meeting. Sponsorship continues to allow this event to be free of charge. Thank you to Mitsol for being the primary sponsor of KZNNOG-4


We will be having the usual evening talks followed by drinks, snacks and social networking

There will be an INX sponsored lunch and training session in the afternoon prior to the talks focusing on IPv6. We will cover the basics of IPv6, discuss some teething issues and show a practical implementation of an IPv6 network over PPPOE.

Please note that there is a separate RSVP for that talks and training.


Details of the event.

Date : Thursday, 30 August 2018
Time : 18h00
Cost : Free
Venue : Point Yacht Club (PYC)
RSVP required: please follow link to register https://events.inx.net.za/event/2/

To RSVP for the training please register here https://events.inx.net.za/event/1/

Full Agenda

  • 12h00 – 13h30 | Lunch
  • 13h30 – 15h00 | Training
  • 15h00 – 15h30 | Tea
  • 15h30 – 17h00 | Training


Afternoon training Topics


  • Introduction to IPv6
  • IPv6 Addressing and Planning
  • DHCPv6
  • IPv6 Routing


Talks start at 18h00

Speaker Topic
Andrew Classen SD-WAN is cool
Warrick Boyd Mikrotik Exploits
Donald Jolley Video killed my internet connection


Drinks, snacks and social networking after talks

See you there

KZNNOG Organising team