We only have a few months of 2019 left. We’re going to have one more NOG get together in each region. Below are dates we’ll have them, speakers and venue will be updated as they are confirmed.

28 November 2019 – KZN NOG

With the very first GPNOG (Gauteng Network Operators Group), committee members managed to secure the beautiful Balaliaka Hotel in Sandton as the venue, as a generally central location for most Network Engineers to get to.  The event was held from 6pm on the 9th May and was sponsored by Rocking Connect, and drinks where sponsored by Workonline Communications.

This was the very first GPNOG and had a reasonably good turnout.  The idea around the regional NOG’s is to give engineers the opportunity to network with colleagues and other network engineers that we often speak to or hear of, but never really get to meet with.  It also offers an ideal opportunity to discuss common network issues, see what other networks are doing, freshen up on skills, and discover new network applications.  Most of all, build a technical community that engineers can reach out to and discuss common problems / challenges specific to the region.

Edrich de Lange started off the evening with a short intro, with Donald Jolley from Mitsol talking of “How others see me” within the networking arena, with some of the key notes to take away from this chat is the importance of hosting a looking-glass, allowing your equipment to respond to ICMP, consider hosting a RIPE atlas probe or NLNOG ring probe (https://ring.nlnog.net) and most importantly, having valid up to date contact information, available on the web (like on peeringdb or your website etc).   

The next talk was given by Marco de Freitas from three6five on Next Generation Networks (NGN), which will help with the likes of increased bandwidth demands, consolidation onto multiservice core and continuous growth.  Touching on transport technologies such as segment routing )SR) and seamless MPLS, with benefits like cost reduction, performance, operational simplification and TE control.

The last talk of the evening was presented by Peter Peele from WOL around “Deriving value from infrastructure automation” and how WOL have managed to get to the level of automation that they are at, using Ansible, python, YAML playbooks, NAPALM and using SSH for a method of transport for both their Cisco and Arista equipment.  Key points here being “Single source of Truth” for inventory and where data feeds into other business systems, for example ticketing and support.  This branches out to many benefits of standardized config across the network, ease of expansion etc, however with automation has its own challenges, which Peter pointed out.  Initially everything is a problem, but it’s important to start somewhere like with common nodes and use a incremental approach.  Some tips and pointers Peter did mention, was to standardize on the tools and resources that engineers all use.  Something as simple as using the same text editor makes all the difference in saving time and working on issues. 

All in all, the first GPNOG was a huge success with a few drinks had afterwards, thanks to Workonline, with engineers all having a few light discussions, and the evening ending off at around 21:30.  Thanks to Rocking Connect and Workonline being the first sponsors of this event and we’d very much like to have network engineers from many more companies join, next time around.  A big appeal as to what engineers would like to have discussed in future at the GPNOGs, of which an Intro to Python and possibly a discussion on virtual route reflectors, was mentioned.

The 6th KZNNOG was by far the most looked forward to meeting for me for KZN. Well known speakers from all over the country coming to the sunny port of Durban to share their knowledge and have drinks with the locals. KNNOG6 was the first multi day event the ZANOG has had, starting on the 4th of April and ending on the following day. We had a whole host of sponsors for the event that covered everything from the lanyards around our necks to the food in our stomachs.

The first day we had a full house with visitors from other regions and countries. Live streaming the event was a great idea and allowed people to join online who could not make it to the venue.  The hottest topic of the morning must have been the panel discussion about network performance testing (Speedtest.net) The afternoon we got our hands really dirty with RPKI and how it really works. The social was a hit and good food was enjoyed by all. Day two was just as exciting, but with a smaller crowd. Network automation is a thing! Together with how you monitor your network and what it actually means for you. The final hours lasted longer than expected. Conversations kept going and connections were made.

The two day event was a great success and we had achieved our objectives. We had a good turnout and great speakers. KZNNOG6 will be remembered by all those who attended. Much excitement was left in everyone for the next events.  Speakers approached us to share their insights and skills.

The first WCNOG was finally held after about 6 months worth of planning. We were hosted at the Hyde hotel in Seapoint. As always we were very thankful to our sponsors, Rocking Connect and Netsale for Covering the costs of the event, as well as Rocking connect for dealing with all the event logistics.

Once everyone arrived (We quickly learnt why CPT is called slaapstad 🙂 ) Nishal Goburdhan started the evening off with a discussion on the recent DNS exploits that occurred affecting some large organisations and did a quick tutorial on DNSSEC. This drew the crowds interest as many people had admitted that they do not sign their domains at the moment. Some providers left the event committing to at the very least, sign their own internal domains.

This was followed by an interesting talks about open stack networking, and some uses and issues had with it and some of the providers providing hardware out in the field.

As always, the most important part of the event was the socialising and networking that happened after the talks were had. We look forward to seeing people at the next event in October!

There are still some space left, so please register at


As you are probably aware, KZNNOG-6 takes place on 4-5 April 2019 in Durban, KZN
We already have people registered from out of region which is fantastic to see.

We are very close to finalising the jam packed agenda.
With presentations from Managing your AFRINIC resources to cyber security and some fun panel discussions.
Social events every day, giveaways and more.

All event details here – https://events.inx.net.za/event/4/
Agenda here – https://events.inx.net.za/event/4/timetable/#20190404.detailed

Spaces are limited so please register now here – https://events.inx.net.za/event/4/registrations/4/

Please remember social events are only open to registered conference delegates

NapAfrica is hosting a BeersForPeers on the Wednesday night which requires a seperate RSVP

We have also created a meeting room with a few tables for ADHOC bilateral meetings if you would like to sit down and meet. There is no meeting tool for this but simply a space delegates can use to have face to face meetings.
If you have any questions please email info[at] kznnog.co.za

Looking forward to seeing you there!

KZNNOG Organising committee

Hi All

The call for presentations for KZNNOG-6 has been published – we are looking forward to receiving your presentations and welcoming you to KZNNOG-6 in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa in April 2019


KZNNOG Organising committee

KwaZulu Natal Network Operators Group

4th – 5th April 2019, Durban, South Africa




The KZNNOG Programme Committee is now seeking contributions for

Presentations for the KZNNOG-6 Conference.

We are looking for presenters who would:

– Participate in the technical conference sessions as a speaker;

– chair panel discussion sessions of relevant topics;

Please submit on-line at:


OR email your interest to info@kznnog.co.za

We are happy to announce the 5th KZNNOG (KwaZulu Natal Network Operators
Group) meeting.
Sponsorship continues to allow this event to be free of charge. Thank you to
Cool Ideas for being the primary sponsor of KZNNOG-5

The end of the year is fast approaching and the social schedules for end of
year functions are getting busy so we decided to do the final KZNNOG event
of the year a little earlier than originally intended

Talks this event promise to be interesting as they have a general focus on
the Future of Networking with talks on newer technologies like DPDK and 400G

We will be having the usual evening talks at 18h00 followed by drinks,
snacks and social networking.

Prior to the talks there will be a ROA Signing session please ensure that
you have made contact with us by the Monday if you wish to partake. We will
assist in sorting out the Afrinic credentials etc.

Registrations are now open so please RSVP as spaces are limited

RSVP and details of the event can be found here

Looking forward to seeing you there

KZNNOG Organising team

We are happy to announce the 4th KZNNOG (KwaZulu Natal Network Operators Group) meeting. Sponsorship continues to allow this event to be free of charge. Thank you to Mitsol for being the primary sponsor of KZNNOG-4


We will be having the usual evening talks followed by drinks, snacks and social networking

There will be an INX sponsored lunch and training session in the afternoon prior to the talks focusing on IPv6. We will cover the basics of IPv6, discuss some teething issues and show a practical implementation of an IPv6 network over PPPOE.

Please note that there is a separate RSVP for that talks and training.


Details of the event.

Date : Thursday, 30 August 2018
Time : 18h00
Cost : Free
Venue : Point Yacht Club (PYC)
RSVP required: please follow link to register https://events.inx.net.za/event/2/

To RSVP for the training please register here https://events.inx.net.za/event/1/

Full Agenda

  • 12h00 – 13h30 | Lunch
  • 13h30 – 15h00 | Training
  • 15h00 – 15h30 | Tea
  • 15h30 – 17h00 | Training


Afternoon training Topics


  • Introduction to IPv6
  • IPv6 Addressing and Planning
  • DHCPv6
  • IPv6 Routing


Talks start at 18h00

Speaker Topic
Andrew Classen SD-WAN is cool
Warrick Boyd Mikrotik Exploits
Donald Jolley Video killed my internet connection


Drinks, snacks and social networking after talks

See you there

KZNNOG Organising team

Hi all!

So the next KZN NOG meetup will be 1830 on Thursday 31 May at PYC, the
same venue as previous KZN NOGs

Our confirmed speakers are :
Ashley Jones – “All TLS, All The Time Using Apache and Let’s Encrypt
to set up a secure web server”
Brett Johnson – “Intent Driven Software Defined Network Automation
Robert Jooste – a 15 minute IPv6 tutorial

This will be followed by our normal beers/drinks and snacks and networking.
This has thus far KZN NOG has been sponsored By Seacom and DFA. The
3rd KZNNOG  will be sponsored by Thusa Connect.

Please RSVP to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kznnog-may-2018-tickets-45471508506

Over and above this, we also will have some proper training courses
sponsored by INXZA.

This will be the on the 30th and 31st of May.

Nishal, who most of us are familiar with, will be doing a two day
workshop on BGP Peering Techniques. More details to follow

Hope to see you all there!

Kind regards