Hi all!

So the next KZN NOG meetup will be 1830 on Thursday 31 May at PYC, the
same venue as previous KZN NOGs

Our confirmed speakers are :
Ashley Jones – “All TLS, All The Time Using Apache and Let’s Encrypt
to set up a secure web server”
Brett Johnson – “Intent Driven Software Defined Network Automation
Robert Jooste – a 15 minute IPv6 tutorial

This will be followed by our normal beers/drinks and snacks and networking.
This has thus far KZN NOG has been sponsored By Seacom and DFA. The
3rd KZNNOG  will be sponsored by Thusa Connect.

Please RSVP to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kznnog-may-2018-tickets-45471508506

Over and above this, we also will have some proper training courses
sponsored by INXZA.

This will be the on the 30th and 31st of May.

Nishal, who most of us are familiar with, will be doing a two day
workshop on BGP Peering Techniques. More details to follow

Hope to see you all there!

Kind regards

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as a group of around 50 geeks (and some not so geeks) emerged out of their caves and headed down to Point Yacht Club in Durban for the Second KZN Network Operators Group meeting.

Catching the last of the afternoon rays they all started to gather, sipping on a drink overlooking the Durban harbour.

We were ushered into the presentation room to get the presentations going as we didn’t want to keep the first presenter from Cloudflare in the UK waiting.

The first presentation was by Marty Strong via video feed from Clouldflare sharing the wonderful news that they were about to turn-up their node in Durban. One of the main take away points of his presentation was that Content Providers want to get as close to their customers eyeballs as possible.

One of the key factors to this success was being present and connected to local internet exchanges and having bilateral peering sessions setup with as many of the ISPs as possible over that IX.

This feed nicely into the second presentation by Donald Jolley on Peering and Path selection. Donald explained the metrics of BGP and how traffic and beers flows according to configured metrics.

Then Edrich de Lange continued the theme by presenting a tool “AS-Stats” that shows where your traffic is following and maybe one needs to change their peering and paths to make these traffic flows better.

The next presentation on Spectre and Meltdown by Nino Cloete, while not quite on the networking theme it is very relevant to the networking space as Nino explained how this bug, some would call a feature, could be exploited and affect many devices out in the field.

The last presenter Nishal Goburdhan came down from JHB to join us and talk on RPKI and the vital importance of route filtering and ways to build route filters that we can trust.

Between all the presentations there where short breaks where everyone could social network, meet new people and catch up with people they had not seen for a while and share war stories.

The growing number of attendees I think shows that people find events like this valuable. It is events like this that help bring together and build the industry.

Thanks to sponsors link Dark Fibre Africa for sponsoring this event makes it possible to continue to have them. A huge thanks to Edd for all the hard work in organising the event and securing the great venue, thank you Point Yacht Club for letting us talk geek.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the next one!


Our next event will be 8 Febuary 2018

Please RSVP on the link below and remember to join the mailinglist!




Our First get together went Fairly well! about 40 people from various parts of the industry came and some from as far afield as Cape Town!

It was agreed we will have events every quarter, in a very similar format to the one we had last night. eg some technical talks, and a good load of social! Thank you to Seacom who sponsored our drinks and snacks, and the lovely venue provided by Point yacht club.

We started off with an announcement of the Quad9.net project. You can see the presentation here. Simply, quad9 is a public DNS resolver with some very very nifty security features. -> Quad9 Intro detailed

Donald then gave us a chat about his recent visit to Afpif, and also a discussion about why you should peer in more places!.

We finished off with a technical talk about tracerouter, which was borrowed from nanog. You can download the full presentation here.

We hope to see you all at the next event!






KZN Network Operators group is a group of individuals, who have a strong interest in Internet related technologies.  Typically, we are people that work, or have worked at ISPs, WISPS, hosting companies, or other business that make significant use of the Internet.

Traditionally KZN’s technical community has not been particulary well co-ordinated, and we’re trying to change that, by arranging activities of interest for people in the sector.  We intend to have a meetups, to chat about some technical stuff;  learn, and teach each other in a social, non-competitive environment, whilst still have time for some drinks and socialising.

We will use our mailing list to co-ordinate primarily, so please join us, and contribute.  Our mailinglist is at http://lists.kznnog.co.za/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/kznnog-discuss

Hope to see you soon!

KZNNOG admin

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